For Agencies works as a middleman between the content creator, influencer, blogger one one side and the affiliate networks on the other side. We are doing that in parallel with you as an agency and supports you in the full monetization of the content your clients produce.

Our current agency customers are all ambitious teams with a strong knowledge of what they are doing. In common of for our customers are also often that they don’t want to be experts in affiliate marketing – they want us to be that.

This is our core purpose: Serving you with power tools to increase earnings through higher payouts. At, we are a team of experts within finding the perfect services to match your need.

What we do

Most of our agencies require custom development or tweaking of our platforms to suit their needs perfectly. This is something we do regularly with our in-house developers or in liaison with your team. As we all know, content is king. Sites with great content deserve great ads. You and your team should focus on content – then we will be focusing on getting revenue out of it in a structured, predictable and automated way.

Services we often provide includes:

  • White labelling of our features on subdomain level, eg. or similar.
  • Custom integration of your existing contracts into our global search function of affiliate offers, allowing your clients to see both affiliate offers you have negotiated and affiliate offers we have integrated.
  • Outreach, communication and negotiation with specific brands or websites that would fit your niche(s).

Our global affiliate search for offers and networks allows your clients to quickly and easily look up which network provides which brands. We are currently indexing more than 100 networks daily, presenting astonishing 2 million brands and advertisers for affiliate marketers.’s ambition is to offer publishers fantastic service and intuitive solutions at scale. We are bringing transparency back into affiliate marketing.

  • The biggest independent affiliate comparison site globally
  • A team of dedicated folks with an ambition to move things forward
  • 100 networks indexed daily was founded in 2021 by CEO Kenneth Jensen and is based in Copenhagen but working globally. Read our full story here.

How it works

  1. At first, we’d like to set up an introduction call to get to know each other and the scope
  2. Secondly, let’s close a contract with the framework of how we work, milestones and responsibilities.
  3. Next step is the actual development and integrations, any custom solutions and testing of the full setup.
  4. Then, as the last thing, we should agree on who’s running onboarding of your team and clients to ensure they all benefit from the new opportunities we are giving them.

Our vision is to be an independent, credible source of information for affiliate marketers with everything out of the shadows. We think what we do is really exciting – Affiliate marketing is seeing strong growth, and we want to help bring the content creator traffic to use!

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